Acupuncture Success Stories – Part 3 – Podcast Interview with Dr. Robert Lenahan

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Part 3 of the Acupuncturist Podcast Interview – Can acupuncture affect the medication you are taking?

So, for the aging population. The idea of overall health care besides taking medication. Is there a reality that you’ve seen that if someone is taking medications, and they are on acupuncture treatment – have you seen any cases where people actually were able to lower the dosage of their medication say for high blood pressure, for example, if they were getting acupuncture and treated for that, that reversed it or have you seen anything like that?

Okay. When I tell patients is, acupuncture, enhances the medication you’re taking, if it’s appropriate. So let’s say you are on a pain medication, over and over again. Let’s say they’re taking six eight pain pills a day and it’s barely touching the problem. And now, afterward, one or two, and all of a sudden it’s working. Okay, one or two pain pills, is having an effect that six or eight didn’t. So, and that goes with other other managing medications as well but when you’re dealing with something like, let’s say cardiology or heart. Now these things have to dovetail into the physician and what the physicians recommending.

If the people are noticing their blood pressure as you mentioned is normalized, or going down, okay, because acupuncture brings everything to the center. If you’re hyperactive, it’s going to bring it down to the center for a hypoactive, it’s going to bring it back up. So as you begin to normalize in discussion with your prescriber, you know, he or she may then say, Okay, let’s try a lower dose and see if we’re getting the same result. So yes we do work together with the medication and their physician.

Acupuncture Success Stories

In your, in your 47 years, what would you say was the single biggest success story that you had? You’ve probably had a lot of them.

I should have been prepared for this one. I’d rather have some patients answer that question.

It doesn’t have to be the most profound one – but one that you remember, because I know I caught you off guard.

I remember, a lot of them I mean, I had a fellow who was working underneath his car in his garage, and he had the car on a jack and he had a young fella helping him. He was handing him tools. He was under the firewall on the back of his car and he asked his assistant there to jack it up a little higher. Then the kid accidentally let the car down on him. He was a big guy, but now he’s bench pressing the firewall, of the car off of him from crushing his body. He can’t even yell, “Jack it up!”, because all his concentration is on keeping the car from crushing him. His blood vessels in his eyes popped. His eyes started bleeding from this pressure.

The youngster, the young man, freaked out and started crying and didn’t jack the car back up. Luckily a neighbor from across the street just happened to see the car go down, and slowly come up and thought, “Well, that’s odd” but then he came across the street as a rescue and jacked the car and took it off of him.

Well this fellow came to me with searing intercostal pain. Where the ribs from your spine to go around to the front, that’s called the intercostal area, and there’s all nerves in between those groups. A lot of people get shingles along that pathway those nerves around the side of your body. And medical doctors, nobody could do anything for him, they could just try to numb it. So, with acupuncture, with very few points, just one above your wrist, on the outside, one below his knee, one down near his foot, by the body we were able to you know get complete relief of this, you know, he got better, better, better than just a handful treatments. It wasn’t a long course of treatment. That just comes to mind because it was so dramatic, you know, that particular one.

You know you have a lot of people with different difficulties now maybe they have Lou Gehrig’s disease and they can’t swallow or something like that, and you’ve been able to help them swallow and slow the progression of that disease you know that’s very important to somebody who’s got a chronic degenerative problem like that. You know, I had a couple bring a baby in, who was starved for oxygen at birth, with cerebral palsy. This little girl was like a ragdoll with her head just slumping down, and with the acupuncture treatment she was able to hold her head erect. Didn’t cure the cerebral palsy, she’s had years of all the therapy that the couple could afford, I’m sure, but just that. For the baby to be able to hold their head erect, you know, was terrific, you know, for the parents.

You know I have a young guy as a patient he’s like 11 years old, and he had a bad reaction as a child to immunizations where they caused his bowels to bleed and have constant diarrhea. And many different medications, they’ve tried experimentally on him. The mother having to narrow his diet down to very few foods. The bowel has cleared up. No more blood. He can have a wider berth of foods he can tolerate and eat right now, all of the things have their own merit and they all stick out individually, to answer your question.

Excellent, excellent. It’s, it’s wonderful to hear that. So I just wanted that just came to my mind to ask that question so I appreciate you doing that off guard. So just one more time just repeat how to contact you again, pal. just Google, Robert Lenahan L E N A H A N, and it’ll come up acupuncturist, you should be able to find me pretty easily that way, and the phone number is 7325, not only give you my cell phone number out of a mistake 732-899-0951 Of course, once I get to know you, I will give you my cell phone number. I really appreciate the interview, Art. Thank you.

I really love the information. So, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s interview, and if you like what you see, please subscribe. So buddy, I will be talking with you soon, and was great to see you again. Thank you for your time, much appreciate it.

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