Treatment Costs / Insurance Coverage
Many private insurance companies are paying for acupuncture treatment. We ask that an individual check with his or her insurance company as to their policy regarding acupuncture. Our office will provide the necessary documentation for your insurance company. Reimbursement will be made directly to the patient. For further treatment cost information, please contact us directly at 732-899-0951
Payment is expected when services are rendered. This policy is a benefit to all patients enabling our office to keep the cost of treatment at a minimum.
Please park your car in our parking lot. If you are unable to park in our lot, please park on the same side of the street as our office. Please do NOT park across the street at any time. Please exercise extreme caution when entering and exiting our parking lot.
Personal Scents
As a courtesy to our allergic and environmentally sensitive patients, please refrain from the use of perfume or cologne. Thank you.