“Dr Lenahan is awesome!! I have been seeing Dr Lenahan on & off for 10 years or more and have had nothing but good experiences. More importantly, I have always had positive results – relief from my back pain. It has always been made crystal clear to me that Dr Lenahan does not participate in any insurance plans, but is happy to provide itemized statements which I have submitted to my insurance for reimbursement. I have been delighted with my results and pleased with his fees, which have always been quite reasonable for the services I have received. I never hesitate to recommend him most highly at any opportunity.”

Judy Minetree (Google review)

“Dr. Lenahan and his office staff have been nothing short of amazing! First, I am always greeted by Megan and walked through billing procedures with patience and efficiency. Next, but most importantly is the relief I have gotten by Dr. Lenahan’s acupuncturist skills. He has a gentle, steady hand and a knowledge base unlike any western medicine doctor. He has taken the time to listen to my concerns, as well as ask thoughtful questions! I have finally found relief from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain with his methods. I highly recommend Dr. Lenahan!”

Ginny Vega (Google review)

“Dr. Lenahan is the most knowledgeable, caring doctor who, because of his expertise, has helped to bring our son’s health back to an optimal level. Our son fell into a terrible ulcerative colitis flare last year at the age of 7. We went to Dr Lenahan and over a few months, he helped to restore our son’s health. Through supplementation, minimal medication and acupuncture, our son is thriving and we could not be more appreciative. Dr. Lenahan cares for our son as if he was his own. We highly recommend Dr Lenahan and are forever grateful to him for the gift of health he has helped us obtain for our son.”

Kerri S. (Google review)

“Dr. Lenahan has been helping my 10 year old son with his allergies, including anaphylaxis food allergies. All of Sean’s allergies are gone! Except his dairy and mold allergies which have been considerably reduced. This is all due to Dr. Lenahan’s expertise in acupuncture! Sean has had these allergies his whole life! Western medicine doctors told us to avoid the allergen, take medicine and hope for the best. Sean is still receiving treatments and we are hopeful in the near future he will be able to eat whatever he wants. We can’t thank Dr. Lenahan enough for his commitment to helping our dream come true.”

Sean Ryan (Google review)

“Best Acupuncturist in New Jersey. Excellent and Knowledgeable! Without a doubt I would be gone without his help. I had lost 36 pounds in 3 months due to colon related issues . I was patient and he helped me regain energy and my life!”


“I have been receiving treatment for severe neck problems from Dr. Lenahan for the past several years. Although I had been a patient of 2 other acupuncturists prior to this time, my neck problem was never really controlled. Since Dr. Lenahan has been treating me, I am almost completely pain free and can function normally. Dr. Lenahan is most caring, very knowledgeable, and takes a personal interest in his patients. Alicia, his receptionist, is very competent and so very gracious – it’s a pleasure to visit them each week. I would highly recommend Dr. Lenahan to anyone who is considering acupuncture treatment.”


“Hi, I used to be a patient of Dr. Lenahan. I stopped going 2 years ago. I was his patient for 3 years prior to that.I felt so good after these acupuncture sessions. The doctor is also very funny and caring. He always made me laugh. He is a great at what he does. I came onto this site because I would like to start going to him again and I lost his number. I am glad I got a chance to do this post. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Sara from New Jersey

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