Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Acupuncture Work for Me?
You no doubt heard how acupuncture has helped others. But your question is: “can it help me?” We will not attempt to determine this until you have has an initial consultation, thorough, review of your medical history and oriental medical evaluation. Only then can we determine whether or not you are a case for acupuncture. At our office we do not accept all cases. But all cases we accept, we do our best to help. We are dedicated to those who are seriously willing to actively participate in the process of their own health.

We have built our reputation on helping others.

Will Acupuncture Needles Hurt?
Perhaps you are afraid of needles. Well, most people are, and almost everyone has an uncomfortable experience with injection needles. The needles we use are totally different from any needles you have ever experienced.

Acupuncture is done with extremely fine, disposable, flexible needles. There is nothing “special” in the needle. Since the needles are not hollow they are made to a superfine gauge. Some are like strands of hair. The feeling of insertion ranges from a few who anxiously imagine that feeling of the needle before it was inserted, to the commonplace expression “That’s all there is? I didn’t even feel it go in.” Many people fall asleep during treatment. The whole experience is rather calming and uplifting.

How Long Will An it Take?
The time it takes to recover from your ailments varies with the particular circumstances of each individual case. You can rest assured, however, that we will get you well as quickly as possible. Now that you have chosen our health services and have placed your health in our hands, relax, be patient, and give us a chance to help you to health.
What is Acupuncture?
Most simply stated it is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind. Acupuncture consists of stimulating designated points below the skin by the insertion of needles, application of heat (moxibustion), or a combination of the two. Chinese Medicine is based on the discovery that certain points (areas) just below the skin are related to internal body organs and specific bodily functions.
How Does Acupuncture Work?
Most Traditional thought tells us acupuncture works through stimulation of Chi. This substance Chi is known as life energy or vital source. The Theory of Acupuncture states that the cause of all symptoms lies in an imbalance of this life energy. By the insertion of the needle into certain acupuncture points, sometimes located far from the site of symptons, the acupuncturists can treat disease by balancing the Chi. The Chi flows through the body in meridians (channels) on which the acupuncture points lie.
What Are the Effects of Acupuncture?
Acupuncture treatment increases the body’s natural defense and resistance to disease. The balancing effect in turn adjusts blood flow, improves nervous tone, regulates both hormonal levels and the functions of the internal organs.

The internal organs control body functions, digestion, respiration, circulation, genitourinary musculoskeletal, neurological and metabolic functions. These organs also command various parts of the body; the eyes, ears, nose and throat, knees, back, chest, abdomen and the extremities.

The internal organs are responsible for controlling emotional states of depression, anger, fear, worry, grief, sadness, anxiety and obsessions. By restoring the normal function of the internal organs, acupuncture can control body functions, various parts of the body and emotional states.