“Best Acupuncturist in New Jersey. Excellent and Knowledgable!! Without a doubt I would be gone without his help. I had lost 36 pounds in 3 months due to colon related issues . I was patient and he helped me regain energy and my life!”


“I have been receiving treatment for severe neck problems from Dr. Lenahan for the past several years. Although I had been a patient of 2 other acupuncturists prior to this time, my neck problem was never really controlled. Since Dr. Lenahan has been treating me, I am almost completely pain free and can function normally. Dr. Lenahan is most caring, very knowledgeable, and takes a personal interest in his patients. Alicia, his receptionist, is very competent and so very gracious – it’s a pleasure to visit them each week. I would highly recommend Dr. Lenahan to anyone who is considering acupuncture treatment.”


“Hi, I used to be a patient of Dr. Lenahan. I stopped going 2 years ago. I was his patient for 3 years prior to that.I felt so good after these acupuncture sessions. The doctor is also very funny and caring. He always made me laugh. He is a great at what he does. I came onto this site because I would like to start going to him again and I lost his number. I am glad I got a chance to do this post. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Sara from New Jersey

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